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Added benefits for Our Clients:

  • $1000 less of the purchase price of the unit. 
  • Half Price on the extended warranty. 
  • No Cost – Four 45-minute sessions with a doctor and his team.  This Doctor has been successfully using Red-Light Devices in his practice for 3.5 years and is now generating $200k per month in revenue.  The team will share the do’s and don’ts and put our clients on the right track, so they can become revenue positive at the earliest.  
  • No Cost – 1st month.  Our clients (if qualified) will receive marketing to drive new clients into their practice.  These are individuals who in particular want to get a red-light treatment. 
  • No Cost – MedXPrime will share a unique “zero out” program, that may be of interest to the purchaser of the red-light device to not only generate revenue by providing the benefits of the system but also pay off the investment of the device in a secondary way.  
  • No Cost – MedXPrime will share a unique “zero out” program for your clients.  This is a unique program that will be very well received by your clients and motivate them to engage in purchasing additional treatments.