The ONLY pad-based, red light therapy device that is FDA Cleared for circumferential reduction/inch loss.

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MedXPrime™ is a National Sales & Marketing Company.  Our philosophy is to always strive to deliver services to the highest power.  We go to the greatest lengths and expend our greatest efforts, multiplying our resources to ensure our clients’ full satisfaction. These are not mere words; we have developed this as a culture within the MedXPrime™ family of services since the inception of our company.

Due to this focus of delivering services to the highest power and because of our national reach, MedXPrime™ is often approached from companies looking to expand nationally and internationally.  With the highest level of gratitude, we are pleased to announce our agreement with the Manufacturer of the FDA Cleared Medical Class II device, Contour Light® as its’ “nationwide principal marketing group.

MedXPrime took a 30 city tour demonstrating the weight loss efficacy of this red light therapy device. Participants lost up to 9 inches after a single 30 minute session!

"MedXPrime is on a mission to educate the average consumer as to alternative therapies and the brilliance of red light therapy and its benefits."

-MedXPrime Owner

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Red light therapy has been utilized by doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and many other health and wellness professionals to successfully treat a myriad of medical concerns of their patients including body contouring, skin rejuvenation, pain management and inflammation reduction. This completely natural process can help to heal and energize the body while promoting natural detoxification.

Bringing you the latest advancements in low light technology

This FDA cleared, non-invasive and proprietary red light therapy system is made in the USA with exceptional design features that allow for seamless and effective treatment sessions with multiple benefits, making it the only system of its kind!