Highest Light Energy Available. Safe for patient and operator.

The only pad-based device that is FDA Cleared for circumferential reduction (inch loss). Proven to be effective with an IRB-reviewed clinical study published on

With the highest level of gratitude, MedX Prime is pleased to announce our agreement with the Manufacturer of the FDA Cleared Medical Class II device, as its “nationwide principal marketing group.”

LED light therapy is currently being used for a wide range of treatments due to the holistic nature and the positive effect it has on cells and their structure. Other treatments such as ultrasound, radio frequency, laser light and freezing may lead to significant cellular damage. LED light has been shown to promote a natural response within cells based on the wavelength of the light energy used and the type of cell it reaches. Both mid-600nm (including 635nm) and infrared (including 880nm) wavelengths have been used in a wide range of therapies that promote some form of healing response.

This device contains embedded surface mount microchip LEDs into a flexible, comfortable and form fitting pad that delivers mid 600nm LED and near infrared light. Using a proprietary reflective coating, the pads are able to reflect more light energy to the part of the body where the pad is applied unlike similar devices where the light energy bounces off of the skin. Easy to use and safe to operate, this red light therapy device delivers all natural healing, completely pain-free and without any discomfort.

This device is FDA cleared for multiple indications, including circumference reduction, arthritis, various muscle issues and stimulation of blood circulation. The design of the pads that allow for better light delivery and retention within the tissue has been clinically proven to provide a superior result with consistent treatment outcomes. No other pad-based device can make these claims. This device delivers a highly sought after wellness treatment, that is comfortable, easy to administer, and produces consistent measurable results.