Meet Our Founder

Sunil Wadhwa – Founder/CEO – MedXPrime 

Born on the Island of Mauritius, a son of a Diplomat representing India, his father was posted to San Francisco in 1970.  The family remained in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Sunil studied Aeronautical Engineering and attained his Commercial Pilots License with a goal to be a commercial pilot.  Currently, he and his wife reside in El Dorado Hills, California.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, life led him down the business path and for the past 35 years he has immersed himself in numerous successful ventures.  Mr. Wadhwa was the founder of several companies; he has also held positions with various companies as CEO, President, Sr. Vice President, consultant and a Member of several Marketing Advisory Boards.

For the past 35 years, he’s focused his career in the world of the direct selling industry and achieved nationwide recognition and awards.  Widely recognized as a charismatic and inspiring leader, he has developed several large sales organizations nationally & internationally.  Because of his commitment to helping people, he is also a highly regarded Sales Trainer as well as a motivational speaker on the national stage. He has represented a wide range of companies in the legal services, financial services arena, consumer health and nutrition, attaining top ranking status while serving as Corporate Trainer for many of these companies. 

 Sunil has been a consultant to start-up companies helping to establish compensation plans, training programs, lead generation systems and distributor support functions, analyzing current practices and methodologies, offering advice on how to increase market share and building an effective, engaged distributor base.  As an example of his ability to take immediate and massive action, he served as President for an 8-yr. old company with a stock trading software with very little traction; in 4 months brought in $3.5 million in revenue, more revenue than its previous 8 yrs. combined.

He prides himself on never letting “grass grow under his feet”.  He credits his personal business success to an old adage he read 35 years ago, which has been the main principle that drives him.  “Time will either promote you or expose you”.  Translation for him was that it’s a matter of a day, week, month or a year, when one does something wrong it will be exposed.  So do it right from the beginning and you don’t have to worry.  This simple and yet profound adage has guided him to always be fair and treat people with the utmost respect.  This philosophy is shared with the MedXPrime corporate family as well as the entire national sales team.  In addition, his two favorite quotes in business are, “Thinking Outside the Box” and “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do”. 

In addition, Sunil has developed a corporate culture of excellence.  MedXPrime’s corporate team has been recognized by its national sales representatives and more importantly by its clients as providing excellent customer service.  In fact, often complimented as “providing better service than fortune 100 companies”.  The team doesn’t take this compliment lightly but makes a very proactive, conscious decision to focus on the “one-percenters” that most companies have forgotten to do.  

Humbly… we bring experience and a culture of “servitude” that is hard to match!

Because of these attributes and the company’s past successes, the Manufacturer of the FDA Cleared Device entered into an agreement with MedXPrime as its “nationwide principal marketing group”.  MedXPrime takes this coveted agreement seriously and will deliver to its national clients the level of service MedXPrime has come to be known for.