FDA cleared and made in the USA with exceptional design features that allow for seamless and effective treatment sessions with the following benefits

Easy to Operate:

Devices contain 6 ports on the front to connect up to 6 pads to be used at the same time along with a timer. There are also easy to use controls to start/stop the treatment, adjust the treatment time from 5 to 45 minutes, and turn on/off the alarm chime.


Higher Power:

This red light therapy system emits far more light energy than other similar devices, delivering significantly higher results from the mid-600nm LEDs and infrared lights. Each soft and flexible pad contains German-made, surface mount LEDs arranged in a specific pattern on the pads that allow for the light to overlap and penetrate the skin tissue with far more light energy than similar products. 


Higher Light Retention:

A unique feature of the device offers a proprietary reflective lining inside each pad, resulting in more light energy being retained in the skin tissue for greater results.


Easy to Administer:

Unlike similar, smaller devices and pads, our unique larger pad design offers comfort and flexibility making any treatment seamless to perform; simply lay the pads under or on top of the patient/client and the pads will stay in place without any elastic straps or velcro to hold them down. The larger pad design also cuts treatment time in half compared to similar systems where it’s necessary to move the pads multiple times in order to cover both sides of the patient.


Manageable Cords:

This device contains only 6 ports to connect all of our large pads to the controller, making it easy to manage all pads during one treatment. Similar 16 or 24 small paddle systems have many more cords making it extremely difficult to keep organized.


Shorter Treatment Time:

The 6 large pads included with the system will cover the average sized patient with one placement, unlike other systems with smaller paddles that require multiple placements increasing the time and complexity of the treatment.


Effortlessly Sanitary:

This unique system is much easier to clean/sanitize between patient sessions because of the patent-pending slip-covers for the light pads. The slip-covers consist of a clear sheet on the patient side of the pads that allow for full light penetration and easy sanitation, while the backside of the slip-cover is made of a breathable mesh that lets any residual heat escape. The slip-covers also contain a velcro strip that can be used to create a snug fit around the patient for a convenient and comfortable session.