Client Advantage

Price Lowered for Our Clients:

Although MedXPrime secured an agreement as the manufacturer’s “nationwide principal marketing group”, MedXPrime wanted to further differentiate and offer its clients even more value than ever offered by the manufacturer over its 10-year history.  The clients that purchase the FDA Cleared Medical Class II device from MedXPrime and/or its independent sales representatives, will pay $1000 less than the manufacturer.  Although the manufacturer is not aggressively marketing the device, the manufacturer is contractually obligated to not discount its price.  Giving full advantage to those exposed to this amazing technology by MedXPrime and or its representatives.  

Added benefits for Our Clients:

In addition to the reduced price, clients purchasing their units from MedXPrime or its Independent sales representatives, receive additional benefits not offered by the manufacturer.

  • $1000 less of the purchase price of the unit. 
  • No Cost – Four 45-minute sessions with a doctor and his team.  This Doctor has been successfully using Red-Light Devices in his practice for 3.5 years and is now generating $200k per month in revenue.  The team will share the do’s and don’ts and put our clients on the right track, so they can become revenue positive at the earliest.  
  • No Cost – MedXPrime will share a unique “zero out” program for your clients.  This is a unique program that will be very well received by your clients and motivate them to engage in purchasing additional treatments.  
  • Half Price on the extended warranty. 
  • No Cost – 1st month.  Our clients (if qualified) will receive marketing to drive new clients into their practice.  These are individuals who in particular want to get a red-light treatment. 
  • No Cost – MedXPrime will share a unique “zero out” program, that may be of interest to the purchaser of the red-light device to not only generate revenue by providing the benefits of the system but also pay off the investment of the device in a secondary way.