About MedXPrime

Our Company – Our National Agreement

MedXPrime is a National Sales & Marketing Company.  Our philosophy is to always strive to deliver services to the highest power.  We go to the greatest lengths and expend our greatest efforts, multiplying our resources to ensure our clients’ full satisfaction. These are not mere words; we have developed this as a culture within the MedXPrime family of services since the inception of our company.

Due to this focus of delivering services to the highest power and because of our national reach, MedXPrime is often approached and in search of companies looking to expand nationally and internationally.  With the highest level of gratitude, we are pleased to announce our agreement with the Manufacturer of an FDA Cleared Medical Class II device, as its “nationwide principal marketing group.

Meet Our Founder

Sunil Wadhwa, founder and CEO of MedXPrime, and his corporate team has been recognized by its national sales representatives and more importantly by its clients as providing excellent customer service.

Distinct Differentiator

Although MedXPrime’s executive team had been aware of Red-Light Devices in the marketplace for some time, the team remained patient for a company that had a superior product, had a demonstrated clinical study and more importantly had proper clearances from the FDA.

Client Advantage

Although MedXPrime secured an agreement as the manufacturer’s “nationwide principal marketing group”, MedXPrime wanted to further differentiate and offer its clients even more value than ever offered by the manufacturer over its 10-year history.